CH Summerplace Sirius *D


MCO n 22


czarny prêgowany klasycznie

Shanty’s Hijacker*DK

MCO d 22

Shanty’s Blackout Bounty*DK

MCO n 22

EC. WW’00 Hopeless Tribes Hurricane Cooler*DK


EC.  Cozy Farm True Type*DK

MCO n 23


Loricoon Tilly Trotter

MCO n 09 22


Mountaineer’s Queen Victoria*DK


CH. Coonshine’s Skagway*DK

MCO n 23


Mountaineer’s Kittiry Bigwig*DK

MCO n 22


Glowcoon’s Ballerina*S

MCO g 22

Willowplace Paladin

Mountaineer’s Queen Victoria*DK


Adventhill Ivan of Willowplace

MCO n 22


Willowplace Silver Magnolia

MCO ns 22


Cozy-Farm Whitney Houston*DK


EC. WW’95 Cozy Farm Gipsy*DK

MCO e 22


GIC. WW’96 Cozy Farm Betty Boop (DK)

MCO f 22



Champagnes Beuty (DK)

MCO n 22

Coonmania’s H. Lukas

MCO n 09 22

Gr.EC.  Langstteich’s O’Melcome


IC.  Guldfakse’s Ottawa

MCO ns 22


Hot-Maylove’s Amanda

MCO f 09 23


Estany of Diamond Hill


IC. Nature’s Judge the Bear

MCO a 09 22


IC. Gentle Favourit’s Jenny

MCO n 22


Shanty’s Dancing Feather

MCO fs 23

Belushies Utha


Kumskaka Many Waters

MCO as 22


CH. Willowplace Timbatou

MCO f 09


Summerplace Amorie


Spitzaecker’s Robin

MCO n 09


Summerplace Virginia

MCO n 22










Racoone’s Tessy (B)


MCO ns 22


czarny srebrzysty prêgowany klasycznie


Ravencoon Lord of The Dance

MCO ns 22

IC Magic Lake Quincy of Ravencoon

MCO ns 22

GIC St John’s Avalon

MCO ns 22 09

CH Coonyham Buster Brown


Colocoon’s Silver Sprite


CH Witchbreeds Manua Loa

MCO fs 22

Witchcats Smoke on the Water  MCO ns 09

Witchcats Little Hellfire

MCO f 22

Wistanriantale Blue Sky of Ravencoon

MCO as 22

SGC RW Coonycham Casanova of Wistariantale

MCO n 22

SGC RW  Coonyham Lone Star,IW


CFA SGC RW Wistariantale Baci of Coonyham


TGC RW AcadiaPark Tigerli of Wistariantale

MCO n 22


Acadia Park’s Maveric


Acadia’s Park’s Pawnee


Racoone’s Penelopa Cruz


MCO f 22

CH Racoone’s Don Juan


MCO n 22

GIC Willowplace Rocky Star of Racoones

MCO n 22

CH.  Hillside CFA GIC

Hillside MR Spock of Willowplace


Cosmicoon Mirabella of Willowplace


Willowplace Niagara of Racoones

MCO a 22

CFA SGC Megacoon Rocking Cyrus

Willowplace Deja Blue

Arctic Coon’s Pricilla Prytzly


MCO  f 22

EC Arctic Coon’s Full Moon

MCO n 22

EC. WW’98’00’01 Guldfakse’s Chief two Moons


Kititas Kattinka


CH Glowcoon’s Blue Pigeon

MCO g 22

EC DK Cozy Farm Utility

DK Cozy Whitney Houston