Summerplace Sirius (D)  MCO n 22 CZARNY PRĘGOWANY KLASYCZNIE ( black tabby classic)

 ur. 28.08.2006   kocur (male)






Shanty’s Hijacker*DK

MCO d 22

Shanty’s Blackout Bounty*DK

MCO n 22

EC. WW’00 Hopeless Tribes Hurricane Cooler*DK

MCO n 09 23


EC.  Cozy Farm True Type*DK

MCO n 23

Loricoon Tilly Trotter

MCO n 09 22

  Mountaineer’s Queen Victoria*DK

MCO n 22

CH. Coonshine’s Skagway*DK

MCO n 23

Mountaineer’s Kittiry Bigwig*DK

MCO n 22

Glowcoon’s Ballerina*S

MCO g 22

  Willowplace Paladin

MCO a 22

Adventhill Ivan of Willowplace

MCO n 22

Willowplace Silver Magnolia

MCO ns 22

Cozy-Farm Whitney Houston*DK

MCO e 22

EC. WW’95 Cozy Farm Gipsy*DK

MCO e 22

GIC. WW’96 Cozy Farm Betty Boop (DK)

MCO f 22








Champagnes Beuty (DK)

MCO n 22

Coonmania’s H. Lukas

MCO n 09 22

Gr.EC.  Langstteich’s O’Melcome

MCO d 22

IC.  Guldfakse’s Ottawa

MCO ns 22

Hot-Maylove’s Amanda

MCO f 09 23

Estany of Diamond Hill

MCO n 09 22

IC. Nature’s Judge the Bear

MCO a 09 22

IC. Gentle Favourit’s Jenny

MCO n 22

 Shanty’s Dancing Feather

MCO fs 23

Belushies Utha

MCO es 22

Kumskaka Many Waters

MCO as 22

CH. Willowplace Timbatou

MCO f 09

  Summerplace Amorie

MCO n 23

Spitzaecker’s Robin

MCO n 09

Summerplace Virginia

MCO n 22