Saturday -30.05.2020

  We have new kittens! Inquires welcome:)

Saturday -29.09.18r

  We put kittens from Duch Nocy Aurora & Duch Nocy Wicket

Saturday -29.09.18r

  We updated kittens photos from Rascala& Macavity and kittens from My Love & Roland

Sunday -09.09.18r

  Kittens from My Love & Roland Deschain are on line now.

Thuersday -16.08.18r

  We present wonderful kittens from Rubi & Wicket :)

Sunday -13.08.18r

  We proud present our young light boy Duch Nocy Wicket :)

Sunday -12.08.18r

  We updated photos kittens from Rascala & Macavity .

Monday -06.07.18r

  We present wonderful, huge kittens from Rascala & Macavity :)

Wednesday -14.06.17r

  We updated photos red girl Xina

Thuersday -11.05.17r

  We present litters from Duch Nocy Don Dior & Duch Nocy Olive and from FlipSide Quirino & Duch Nocy Exotica :)

Tuesday -03.01.17r

  We update kitten's photos from Duch Nocy Janet & Duch Nocy Macavity

Saturday - 15.08.15r

Our new really huuuuge yong boy Duch Nocy Don Dior (son from Pandora and Sirius) is on line at present:)

Friday - 09.01.14r

  Amanda is already on line:)

Wednesday - 08.01.15r

  Our excellent new, young, big boy Roland Deschain is already on line,)


Monday - 18.07.14r

  We present our huge young female Duch Nocy Abigail :)

Monday - 14.07.14r

  We have new kittens from Duch Nocy Abigail & Duch Nocy Yeager and from Duch Nocy Babette & Duch Nocy Leopard:) More informations soon...

Sunday - 02.03.14r

  We present our really big new young male Quirino from far Siberia:)

Monday - 11.02.14r

  We present litter "H" from wonderful Vega and handsome, big Macavity:)

Monday - 10.02.14r

  We present litter "G" from our huge Inka and Leopard:)

Thusday - 13.01.14r

  Our young girl Duch Nocy Vega give for us beautiful kittens. More information soon...

Wednesday - 08.01.14r

  we update photos beautiful kittens from litter "F"

Monday - 06.01.14r

  we have beautiful kittens from Duch Nocy Inka & Duch Nocy Leopard:) More information soon.

Wednesday - 18.12.13r

  we update photos kittens from litter "F"

Wednesday - 01.12.13r

  we put first photos kittens from Everlasting & Leopard:)

Wednesday - 08.11.13r

  Our wonderful kittens Don Dior and Damien as really white lions...

Wednesday - 06.11.13r

  we update photos kittens from litter "D" and "E"

Thuersday - 17.10.13r

  we update photos our pretty kittens Zahara and Amanda

Thuersday - 08.10.13r

  We present wonderful kittens from unique matings:
Duch Nocy Pandora & Summerplace Sirius and
Amibial Oshi & Summerplace Sirius

Monday - 07.10.13r

  Our Sirius is 7 years old and he is still very handsome boy:)))

Friday - 04.10.13r

  Male Yeager from unigue mating Chantal and Kaiser Wilhelm is available for show/breed for other breeders at present.

Thuersday - 03.10.13r

  We have new kittens from unigue mating Pandora & Sirius and Oshi & Sirius. More information in very short time...

Wednesday - 25.09.13r

  We have available huge kitten Cafe from our really huge Leo and beautiful Patrice:)

Wednesday - 19.08.13r

  We update photos babies from litters "Z", "A"


Wednesday - 31.07.13r

  We put first photos babies from Duch Nocy Patrice & our huge Duch Nocy Leo:)

Thuesday - 30.07.13r

  We presented our new silver youngstar girl Duch Nocy Patrice:)

Saturday - 04.05.13r

  We presented our new silver youngstar girl Duch Nocy Pandora:)

Thuersday - 21.03.13r

  Our boy Macavity is very handsome cat's man and very impressive too:)


Wednesday - 20.03.12r

  We present our new boy Duch Nocy Leopard .

Wednesday - 13.02.13r

 Exotica is really beautiful,perfect cat women:)

Thuersday - 03.01.13r

  Our Leo is really HUUUUGE, full in type, wonderful boy:)

Monday - 01.08.12r

  We presented our new youngstar boy Kaiser Wilhelm ...

Wednesday - 18.07.12r

  We update Exotica's babie's photos :)

Thuersday - 14.04.12r

  Our Opium is as old vine, prettier, prettier and prettier...

Monday - 13.06.11r

  Our Inka is in fulltype and XXXL size girl. Her weight is 7,8 at present !!! Weupdate her gallery in 3 year her life.


Monday - 26.05.11r

Our Smarties is very beautiful and fulltype girl!!! We are happy with her look:)

Tuesday - 01.03.11r

  We presented our new future, male Duch Nocy Uriel .

Sunday - 30.01.11r

               We updated Opium's gallery in age of 1,5 years.

Sunday - 02.01.11r

  We updated Everlasting's gallery in age of 2,5 years.

Sunday - 12.12.10r

  We congratulate very big success to our little Duch Nocy Rachel, daughter Sirius and Amber. She won Best in Show and Best of Best on Sunday the 6th of December on cat show in Liege in Belgium. She stayed the most beautiful cat in the show from all races (there were 500 cats!!!).
Thank you very much dear Veronique and congratulate. We wish you and wonderful Rachel such excellent successes on next cat shows.


Sunday - 19.09.10r

  We updated gallery our wonderful Omkara Lollipop.

  We finnaly present our new star Safari...

Sunday - 29.08.10r

  We updated Smartie's photos at age of 1 year.

Tuesday - 20.07.10r

  We published full mating plans 2010.

Tuesday - 18.05.10r

  We put a new photos of our superboy Macavity. He is already one year old.

Tuesday - 23.03.10r

  We updated Tessy's gallery in age of 2,5 years.

  Look!! What fantastic similarity of our Tessy to her forefather Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace we have found!!!

Friday - 20.11.09r

  This good-looking guy's name is Nibiru. He has born in our home and now lives in Norwegian cattery Afelio.

Saturday - 14.11.09r

  Our wonderful Macavity has already 5 months.

Monday - 02.11.09r

  We put new Leo's photos. He is very similar to his father Sirius :)

Monday - 26.10.09r

  Our hadsome Mr Spock has gone to his new home. We wish him good luck...

Sunday - 13.09.09r

  Our wonderful Madlyn on her first cats show 13th 09 2009 in Seclin (France) won BIS and BIV in class 3-6 months! We are proud of her first big success.

Sunday - 19.07.09r

  Our lovely boy Konan on his first cat show in Saverdun in France in 27-28 June 2009 got 2 x NOM in class 6-10 months, won 2 x BIV, BIS 2 and BIS. We are glad about his first show great success.
Thank you Dear Gaelle!

Sunday - 12.07.09r

  We have updated a new Inka's and Patricia's photos at 1 year of their life.

Thuersday - 16.04.09r

  We have updated a new Sirius photos at 2,5 years of his life. He has true wild look;)

Tuesday - 14.04.09r

  We have put a new Tessy photos at 20th month of her life. We are very glad about her development...

Thuersday - 19.03.09r

  We present a "young prince" of our cattery LEO :)

Monday - 16.03.09r

  Welcome in our cattery dream of our life, wonderful Lolli.
Lolli has come to us from far, sunny Spain from Omkara cattery.
Thank you Dear Pilar for this fantastic, unique girl!!!
More infos in short time,)

Sunday - 15.03.09r

  Our sweet Isis on Fife cat show in Genewa 21.02.2009 got NOM in class 3-6 months. In 28.02.2009 on cat show in Karlsrue in Germany won BIV and got NOM in class 3-6 months. We are glad about her first show successes:)

Sunday - 22.02.09r

  Our wonderful Isabell on her first internationale cats show 7-8th.02 2009 in Moscow won Best Kitten! We are proud of her big success.
Thank you dear Anna.

Sunday - 25.01.09r

  This impressive kitten will live with us soon:)



Friday - 28.03.08r

         Sirius got EX1, CAC, BIV and NOM BIS on FIFE cats show in Opole 08.03.2008.

Monday - 12.11.07r

  Sirius won WCF show in Lublin BOB II, BIS kat.II . We are very proud about his sukcess.


Monday - 08.10.07r

  Amber 07.10.2007 won WCF show in Warsaw BOB III, Best Adult,
BIS adult kat. II

  Sirius 07.10.2007 won WCF show in Warsaw BOS adult kat.II

  Sirius 06.10.2007 won WCF show in Warsaw BIS adult kat.II

Monday - 25.06.2007r

  Sirius 23.06.2007 won WCF in Wroclaw show Ring young cats, Best of Best 6-10 kat. II, Best of Best Young 6-10 all rase.

  Sirius 24.06.2007 won WCF show in Wroclaw
Best of Best 6-10 kat. II , Best of Best Young 6-10



  Amber 23.06.2007 won WCF show in Wroclaw Best op. Sex